Que Significa in Agreement En Ingles

When it comes to learning English, one of the most important things to understand is the meaning and usage of various phrases and idioms. One such phrase that often causes confusion among English learners is “in agreement,” which translates to “de acuerdo” or “en acuerdo” in Spanish.

“In agreement” is used to describe a situation where two or more people or parties have reached a mutual understanding or consensus. It indicates that there is unity or harmony between them, and they are working together towards a common goal or purpose.

For example, if two colleagues are discussing a project proposal, and they both agree on the approach to be taken, they can say that they are “in agreement.” This means that they have both reached a shared understanding and are on the same page about how to proceed.

Another way to use “in agreement” is to describe a formal contract or agreement between two parties. For instance, if a company signs a contract with a supplier, they are said to be “in agreement” with each other regarding the terms and conditions of the deal.

It`s important to note that “in agreement” is different from “agree with.” While the former describes a shared understanding or consensus, the latter is used to express personal agreement or approval of something.

For instance, if someone says “I agree with you,” it means that they personally support or endorse the other person`s opinion or statement. On the other hand, if they say “we`re in agreement,” it means that both parties have come to a mutual understanding or consensus.

In conclusion, “in agreement” is a commonly used phrase in English to describe a situation where two or more parties have reached a shared understanding or consensus. Understanding the meaning and usage of this phrase can help non-native English speakers better communicate and collaborate with others in English-speaking environments.